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This site contains the best of the independent developer Theta Games, along with news about current development projects. I have changed the home-page to a more blog-style list of updates; however, a list of my games (with downloads) can still easily be found here. You can also use the links at the top and bottom of the page to navigate between pages.

2/18/17 - ĐiệnWorlds v1_0_4a

I thought I'd tweak the "balance" for ĐiệnWorlds again. Load maintenance fees have been decreased by 25%.

Download dienworlds v1_0_4a.zip

Download dienworlds v1_0_4a_nomusic.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

10/31/16 - TrafficWorlds v1_1_0 (custom color-gates)

Custom color-gates have been added to TrafficWorlds. You can now design custom-color gates to allow any combinations of colors to pass.

TrafficWorlds Screenshot

Play TrafficWorlds online at itch.io (HTML5)

10/25/16 - Announcing TrafficWorlds

TrafficWorlds is a traffic management game, playable in browser. Place roads and set stoplights (and other mechanisms) at intersections in order to maintain and expand an efficient traffic grid (and make money). More detailed documentation and instructions can be found at the main link for the game below.

Like ĐiệnWorlds, this game has no definite end. See how many weeks you can maintain an efficient grid and make money; the game is meant for players to explore and experiment with strategies to see what works best. If you get stuck, just start over ("Regenerate" at the main menu) - the game doesn't take particularly long to "mature."

TrafficWorlds Screenshot

Play TrafficWorlds online at itch.io (HTML5)

[SoundCloud] Soundtrack piece Traffic Melody and Variations (by myself)

[YouTube] Soundtrack piece Traffic Melody and Variations (by myself)

6/1/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v1_0_3a

Another "balance" patch; I made the license fees increase linearly (by a flat $40 per month) instead of exponentially.

Download dienworlds v1_0_3a.zip

Download dienworlds v1_0_3a_nomusic.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

5/29/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v1_0_2a

"Balance" patch; I drastically decreased the license fee increase rate, as I felt they previously became too crippling too early in the game. Also doubled load maintenance fees, and halved wire/transformer maintenance fees.

Download dienworlds v1_0_2a.zip

Download dienworlds v1_0_2a_nomusic.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

5/26/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v1_0_0b version without music

For those with slower connections (or who might want a more lightweight download), I've uploaded a version without any music (which cuts the filesize from 97 MB to about 1.5 MB). This download is identical to v1_0_0b, except it lacks music (sound effects are still present, but you can mute them if you wish - see the manual). You can, of course, still download the main version (third link below) with music. If you download the "no music" version, but would still like to listen to the soundtrack, check out the SoundCloud and YouTube links below as well.

Download dienworlds v1_0_0b_nomusic.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

Download dienworlds v1_0_0b.zip

[SoundCloud] Soundtrack album Electric Flora (by myself and F.T. Wyn)

[YouTube] Soundtrack album Electric Flora (by myself and F.T. Wyn)

5/20/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v1_0_0b (instructions manual update)

I've updated the instructions manual by including a section on audio and display settings (e.g. changing the font size). From now on, letters appended to the end of the version number indicate only a change in documentation from the main (major)_(minor)_(patch) version. In other words, the game and all relevant files for v1_0_0b are identical to v1_0_0; only the manual and documentation differ.

Download dienworlds v1_0_0b.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

5/14/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v1_0_0

Added background music and sound effects. The OST is the approximately hour-long album Electric Flora by myself (harmonium, hulusi, button accordion, alto recorder, Vietnamese percussion instruments, Stylophone, YAMAHA Portasound PSS-470, wok lid, oatmeal packets, paper plates) and F.T. Wyn (electric viola).

I have decided to bump up the version numbering to 1.0.0, as I feel as though the game is mostly finished. Of course, bugfixes will warrant additional patches, and there may be future versions of the game if I think of additional features to add.

DienWorlds Aesthetics

Download dienworlds v1_0_0.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

5/3/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v0_9_6

Implemented storms and lightning! Storms may periodically occur throughout the game. During storms, lightning can strike your power grid, and destroy a part of it. However, lightning will only strike Wire/Transformer cells, so having lots of charges on your grid at once will decrease your chances of it being hit (but, of course, this will cost more in load maintenance!).

Download dienworlds v0_9_6.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

2/29/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v0_9_5

Fixed a bug with house-upgrading from v0_9_4, and also decreased the chances of houses upgrading.

Download dienworlds v0_9_5.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

2/28/16 - ĐiệnWorlds v0_9_4

I've implemented a simple feature to ĐiệnWorlds that (I feel) subtly improves the game experience (especially late in the game). With a chance of 0.1% at each time-step, powered houses will now "upgrade" their required Current values by one. This gives an added incentive to keeping houses powered, though you may need to adjust your power-grid layout to accomodate for the upgraded houses' demands!

Download dienworlds v0_9_4.zip

(updated) Instructions Manual PDF

2/21/16 - Announcing ĐiệnWorlds

ĐiệnWorlds is a management/sim/strategy game in which you place wires and other components to power houses and businesses, to (in turn) make money from them and (hopefully) make a profit. At its core, ĐiệnWorlds follows the rules of the cellular automaton Wireworld (created by Brian Silverman in 1987). For flavor and for gameplay purposes, other rules and overarching mechanics have been added.

ĐiệnWorlds is a work-in-progress, and I plan on continuing to update it with new features and/or polish. There is no sound or music at the moment, but there will be! You can download version 0_9_3 at the link below (Windows-only at the moment, though the .exe should run fine in Wine - a proper Linux port may be coming soon).

IMPORTANT: This game has no tutorial. I would highly recommend reading the ĐiệnWorldsInstructions PDF, found in the main download .zip (or viewable at the link below) to learn how to play (at the very least, consult the "In-Game Controls" and "Starting your first game" sections).

Have fun, and stay tuned for more updates!

DienWorlds Screenshot

Download dienworlds v0_9_3.zip

Instructions Manual PDF

All games created by Theta Games.

For questions or comments, feel free to contact Theta Games at moc.liamg@vedsemagateht

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